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hi friends .
 here is a different dish . a tasty veg tomato side dish for youuuuuuuuuuuuu

preparation time :20 min
cook time : 40 min


tomato - 1 kg 

red chilli powder - 2 tbl spn 

gingili oil - 4 tbl spn 

garlic -10 pods

ginger -small piece

for seasoning mustard seeds -1 tea spn

fenugreek eed -1 tea spn

curry leaves - little 


1. put the tomatoes in the boiling water for 2 min 

2. remove the skin

3. let the tomatoes cool . put them in the big jar with the red chilli powder & salt

4.grind it smoothly 

5. add garlic and ginger . in that tomato pulp and grind them together

6.keep the pan in the stove . heat it .

7. reduce the flame . add oil . 

8. 4 tea spoon mustard seeds in oil wait until the mustard seeds get splitter

9.add the tomato pulp

10. then close the pan .cook stirring in between . keep it for 10 min

11. after 10 min remove the lid stirr it fo 10 more min

12.after 10 min increase the flame and strrir it continuously

13.a stage will come thokku will float in pan . (it wont be sticky)

14. now keep the flame low . add a table spoon jaggery

15. now switch off the stove . make it cool .

16. transfer it to a air tight cointainer 

17. tasty tomato thokku ready

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